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Spread your wings!

Until you spread your wings,
you'll have no idea how far you can go
Spread your wings!

Engineering is again at a turning point. The digitization of plans and planning tools has led to a significant increase in efficiency over the past 15 years. The digital transformation of engineering does not end here. The entire engineering process also need to be transformed. However, this will only succeed if we look at the process with all its synapses throughout a business. For this we need a wider perspective. We need to step back and look at the whole picture to better recognize all relationships and possible solulions.

Anyone who has ever seen the world from the window of an ascending airplane knows the fascination that continues to rise with every meter of altitude. Not only are hundreds of objects suddenly visible, but also how they relate to each other. This change of perspective alone opens up unimaginable insights in an exciting new world.

On this website you are invited on a virtual flight. Spread your wings and join us on a journey through the new world of engineering. Gain new insights through posts and stories. They are about experiences, successes and failures. They are about the cooperation of people in a complex process. They are about expectations and how they are met. They are about the way we search for ways to solve problems and why failure usually is not caused by technology.

Creative freedom

Engineers are considered innovative, creative people. The technical progress of the last 150 years is evidence of their great achievements.

It is they who develop technical solutions to economic and societal challenges – today as well as a hundred years ago. Sometimes they are ahead of their time and are already tinkering with tomorrow's solutions today. Tinkering and the innovative creations that result are some of the most important features of creative minds.

However, it is a long journey for an idea to become a reality. A creative mind alone is sometimes not enough. What it needs is creative freedom. The ability to try any approach in order to discover the best solution.

In a way, this is similar to children playing in a sandbox, smashing sandcastles to build something completely new. These young engineers may not be completely satisfied with their current creation, or maybe they want to try a better idea.

Fancy playing? Perhaps it is time to visit the playground.


Questions, expectations, challenges and ideas can be better discussed through concrete examples. We also want to develop new ideas with you together and strengthen your innovation power.


Digital transformation in the engineering does not finish with the digitization of the plans and engineering tools. The entire engineering process must also be transformed. Engineering is a complex process. There is no patent solution for its transformation. Every migration is an experiment in which errors can happen. In the development of digital processes, it is even desirable to make mistakes in order to find the right way faster. The art of doing this is not to sink the whole ship, but to limit the impact on a "sandbox". In our fictitious sandbox you can safely roam around in looking for your way.


With ideas, approaches, discussions, and especially with examples from the practice we want to provide you with enough thinking feed, so that you can more closely align your strategy to meet the challenges of the future.