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Engineering is again at a turning point. The digitization of plans and planning tools has led to a significant increase in efficiency over the past 15 years. The digital transformation of engineering does not end here. The entire engineering process also need to be transformed. However, this will only succeed if we look at the process with all its synapses throughout a business. For this we need a wider perspective. We need to step back and look at the whole picture to better recognize all relationships and possible solulions.

Anyone who has ever seen the world from the window of an ascending airplane knows the fascination that continues to rise with every meter of altitude. Not only are hundreds of objects suddenly visible, but also how they relate to each other. This change of perspective alone opens up unimaginable insights in an exciting new world.

On this website you are invited on a virtual flight. Spread your wings and join us on a journey through the new world of engineering. Gain new insights through posts and stories. They are about experiences, successes and failures. They are about the cooperation of people in a complex process. They are about expectations and how they are met. They are about the way we search for ways to solve problems and why failure usually is not caused by technology.

What we offer

We guide companies on the way to digitizing their engineering processes

There is no universal recipe how engineering can be digitized. Every company must find its own way. In such a case it is good to have a guide at your side, who has done this kind of pathfinding many times before and can recognize tempting wrong ways but also hidden chances in time.

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Confucius sagte: the way is the goal.

In this sense, the common journey along your way will be an interesting experience. With our support, you will not only find your destination at the end of the journey, but you will also keep the stations of the journey in good memory. To consciously experience the way is also very important because the original destination is only a stopover, your journey continues afterwards. And we want you to dare to continue your journey without us.

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Tailor-made solutions

There are many ways to get from A to B. On foot, by bike, by car, by boat or by plane. However, not every vehicle is suitable for every purpose. Even in the story of Jules Verne “80 days around the world” the protagonists get into unexpected situations. They have to improvise and sometimes come up with solutions that nobody had thought of before, but which are very practical and sometimes the only way to reach their goal.

Together we will find the missing bridges on your way so that you do not have to make any detours.

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Digital process design

Current value-added processes can rarely be digitised 1:1 because not every sub-process can (or should) be automated. Digital processes differ in many respects from analogue processes and whether they function well or poorly is decided by completely different factors and aspects.

Digital processes basically require IT infrastructure, which is why the people who design or support these processes must acquire the corresponding IT know-how. Engineers are very technical by nature and most of them do not have much difficulty in acquiring IT skills. With us they will gain additional knowledge about the processes in the company, so that the path of the engineering team fits very well into the big picture of the company’s business.

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